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VAPIANO PEOPLE is our programme for all VAPIANO fans who want to experience more VAPIANO. PEOPLE members collect points during every visit which they can exchange for rewards. You can make your personal selection from the individual PEOPLE rewards, which are replaced from time to time.In addition there are three status levels – on the second and third level you are rewarded during every visit and receive individual status benefits on the house.

Reward Points

With Vapiano PEOPLE you collect a reward point for each main dish. As PEOPLE rewards we offer you, for example, our exclusive pasta bowl made by Villeroy&Bosch, selected wines or our VAPIANO home cups.

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During every visit where you spend at least £5 you collect one status point. With the status points you move from the first level to the second and third levels.


People Status Red

From the time of your registration with VAPIANO PEOPLE you start on the first level with the RED STATUS. With your smartphone you have VAPIANO PEOPLE with you all the time: you have your personal QR code with which your PEOPLE points are registered at the checkout. You can exchange these points for rewards whenever you like.

People Status Olive

Anyone who spends at least £5 twenty times within one year at Vapiano reaches the second level and immediately has PEOPLE STATUS OLIVE. With this we treat you to a drink of your choice after every visit where you eat a main dish for the following 12 months. Simply order this at the bar. At the checkout this will then be credited to you again.

People Status Black

If you come to VAPIANO even more often, we welcome you after 40 visits within one year to the third level, the PEOPLE STATUS BLACK.Then you can choose in the following 12 months between a hot drink, a Dolci, the Insalata mini or a Bruschetta on the house with every main dish. The selected status benefit is ordered at the bar and credited again at the checkout.

Members who are on the second and third level remain on this level after reaching this status for the following 12 months.

After 12 months have expired, the collected status points are no longer valid. Then you have one year's time to have your visits registered again and maintain your status.