A whole big change at Vapiano

Following on from the recent Government’s new rules - we have had to make some big and important changes in Vapiano.

You will no longer order your fresh pasta, pizza or salad direct from our chefs in the open kitchen.

Instead, you’ll take a seat first, scan the QR code on the table which will take you to an online order and payment app. So, you’ll order your meal with your phone and we will bring your food and drinks to your table.

We know you love your Vaps exactly the way you ask chef to make it, so personal customisation is still no problem, just select the extras you like or the ingredients you’d like removed from your dish via the app.

Now, as you know, this is brand new territory for us, and we’ve literally had a day to change our entire concept so please, please bear with us. There may be a few teething problems as our teams get used to this, but as always, anything you’re not happy with, please chat to a manager before you leave so we can resolve it there and then. We really appreciate your understanding. 


As before, Track and Trace when dining out is mandatory. If you prefer not to do it, we totally understand, but we are legally within our rights to refuse entry. 
Simply scan the QR code for the official NHS Track and Trace app if you use it, or our own Track and Trace if you do not, or you could manually write your info in our book. ALL data is deleted after 21 days. 

It’s also mandatory you wear your mask on arrival and when walking around the restaurant. 
We have hand sanitiser on arrival and the luxury of plenty of space for excellent social distancing

We hope you’re excited to come and try our new table service -and as always, let us know what you think to our manager, or on Twitter. 

Thank you and we hope to welcome you back again soon.