Special requirements or preferences?

Here you can find tips and recommendations for alternative diets, so that every guest finds at Vapiano exactly what he or she needs for his/her personal preference.


At Vapiano you can have your very personal favourite dish prepared exactly how you like it. Need a main ingredient removing? No problem. Want something else added in? Easily done. Just inform the chef in front of you about your wishes and preferences directly, so that he can make the dish as you want it.


Please note that despite all training and quality assurance measures there can be cross-contaminations in a restaurant operation and please inform your chef, if you have any doubts in that respect.

Should you have specific dietary requirements, we have a comprehensive allergy table to help you plan your meal. If you are lactose-intolerant, vegan, veggie or require dishes that are gluten-free or dishes that are good during your pregnancy, please click here.