The spice of life

Fresh herbs are the heart and soul of Mediterranean cuisine. Their inimitable aroma is part of Vapiano’s trademark ambience. Among others, freshly picked basil, sage and rosemary add their own special note to pasta dishes, pizzas, salads and antipasti.

Pots of fresh herbs on the tables give off a heady scent that adds to the Mediterranean atmosphere in our restaurants. Giving our guests the opportunity to see, smell, touch and taste these herbs means they feel just as passionately about them as we do. At Vapiano, everything revolves around freshness. Every day, our carefully selected suppliers provide each restaurant with a host of fresh, premium quality ingredients, including aromatic herbs such as basil, rosemary, oregano and sage. Whether “Pasta Pomodoro” or “Pizza Toscana” – only the very best ingredients will do, so we always ensure our herbs are first class. A lush green colour, a heady smell and a firm, crunchy structure are all vital - regardless of whether in pots on restaurant tables or in loose bunches in our kitchens.


Vapiano attaches great importance to sourcing its ingredients locally, so all the herbs used in our German restaurants are also grown in Germany. The same principle applies to restaurants outside Germany too. Local produce ensures the best possible levels of freshness and aroma. This sometimes involves thinking outside the box. As there is no other source on the island La Réunion in the Indian Ocean, we employ a local farmer to plant basil for us there.

What’s more, every Vapiano restaurant has its own herb garden or shelf that is lovingly cultivated. Each table has a selection of delicious smelling potted herbs so guests are able to season their food individually. Out of all our herbs, fresh basil tops the charts among visitors across the world.

A lesson in herbology


by Burkhard Bohne, herb expert.

Every leaf packs a punch. Rosemary, sage or basil? Which herbs compliment which dishes? I’ve been studying edible plants for over twenty years now, so here’s is my own personal guide on which fresh herbs taste best with what.

Rosemary has a resinous, slightly bitter but very full-flavoured taste making it ideal for hearty meat dishes and potatoes.

Basil has an understated, fresh aroma and an intense but light taste. The lush green leaves are perfect for lighter cuisine and tomatoes (e.g. a Caprese salad), but also work well with strawberries.

Sage has an intense, ethereal aroma. The thick, meaty leaves taste good with liver, potatoes and a wide range of cheeses.

Thyme smells and tastes ethereal and compliments meat and fish recipes.

Oregano has an intense aroma and adds a hearty note to pizzas and other tomato-based dishes, as well as meat and potatoes.

Hendrik, Product Development