Eat Pasta Run Faster


Carbs are an essential part of a dietary and fitness plan. 

We have teamed up with Dr Sarah Schenker a Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist who says  'It’s important to balance your carbohydrate intake with plenty of protein. The delicious pasta dishes from Vapiano can be a big part of your fitness plan whether you’re a runner, cyclist, body builder or partake in any regular sport.

Carb loading for pre-race long distance runs

If you are training for a longer distance race like a half or full marathon, you will need to maximise your glycogen stores by eating plenty of carbohydrate foods 2-3 days before the big day. Running out of glycogen during your race will make you feel fatigued and cause your pace to slow. This effect is called ‘hitting the wall’ and you will feel as though you have completely run out of energy. 
As glycogen stores are turned over continually it is important to make sure that every meals contains a substantial amount of carbohydrate in the run up to the race. And be aware that on race day itself you may be feeling too nervous to eat a big breakfast. Don’t worry if all you can manage is a cup of tea and banana, just make sure that 2-3 day beforehand you have been eating really well.



Recommended pasta plan

Pasta Bolognese – delivers plenty of carbohydrate to build stores of glycogen in the liver and muscles. The beef provides high quality protein needed for muscle strength and repair. It is also a good source of easily absorbed iron needed for the transportation of oxygen in red blood cells. The tomatoes deliver beta carotene needed to protect cells from oxidative damage (increased in runners) and boost immunity.

Pasta pomodoro – tops up carbohydrate (glycogen) stores. The meal eaten the night before is crucial in delivering the last top up of glycogen to help avoid ‘hitting the wall’. Needs to be a safe easily digested meal that won’t cause any digestive problems or stomach upsets on any already nervous stomach.

Rucola ravioli (recovery meal)– glycogen stores will be depleted so carbohydrate from pasta is important to help muscles recover. There is plenty of whey protein from the ricotta which delivers special amino acids that are effective in helping to repair the muscles and prevent muscle soreness.

Guest Quotes 

Fuelling for the long run is vital & Carb loading the night before works perfectly.  I need slow release carbohydrates and a big bowl of pasta, from Vapiano like the Filetto di Manza Rucola, or the Salvia – fresh vegetables, fresh pasta, fresh flavours is perfect. 
twitter.com/THE_LADY_SYBIL, runner

Dave Lawson, Athlete

I love Vapiano for the healthy choices and fresh food - Beef Fillet served with Spelt Spaghetti and rocket is my personal favourite - a perfect balanced low GI meal'.